Redi Tlhabi on South2North

South2North celebrates Nelson Mandela with his documentary filmmakers

This Friday on Al Jazeera’s global talk show South2North, Redi Tlhabi will celebrate the life of Nobel Prize laureate and former South African president Nelson Mandela. “With South Africa in mourning, this edition of South2North is dedicated to the memory of South Africa’s first democratically elected leader, Nelson Mandela,” says Redi, who hosts South2North from Johannesburg. “Those who’ve been in Nelson…

95 years Madiba

Today is Mandela Day. The 95th birthday of a man, who faught for justice and did what nobody thought was possible to secure peaceful transition of power in South Africa. At you can find the following infographic on Madiba’s timeline: Source:

Women’s Leadership in Africa feat. Michelle Obama

On 21 and 22 June, US First Lady Michelle Obama visited Jo’burg and Soweto in South Africa to talk and take part at The Young African Women Leaders Forum: Media coverage in and across Africa was quite decent, but whoever expected coverage in the main US newspapers or other western media was left with not…