African Voices against Corruption

ONLINE DOCUMENTARY: AFRICAN VOICES AGAINST CORRUPTION Filed under – Transparency International Discover the stories of ordinary citizens taking up the fight against corruption and the staff in our Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres who support them in our new online documentary, African Voices Against Corruption. Corruption has many names and takes many different forms. Depending…

A fresh generation of African leaders: Tutu’s Children

For Immediate Release A fresh generation of African leaders will be featured on new Al Jazeera English series Tutu’s Children. The four special documentaries will follow the exploits of participants in the leadership programme Desmond Tutu leads, which attempts to build a new network of African leaders who are together committed to tackling their countries’…

Ben, Emmanuel & Anto

So what about Tribalism? – Interviews with Juliani and Emmanuel Jal

Earlier this week, two team members of African Perspectives were priviledged to meet and talk to Sudanese former child soldier and now internationally renown Hip Hop artist Emmanuel Jal as well as the Kenyan Hip Hop artist Juliani. Read below what Emmanuel and Juliani would like to share with you: