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African Perspectives exists since February 2011 to deliver first-hand information on African Issues and Affairs. All work so far has been done with passion and voluntarily with no financial assistance whatsoever. We have sourced information and material  to produce around 300 articles featuring Africans and their initiatives – celebrities, artists, politicians, artisans and other outstanding personalities with their stories.

We happily continue our work and are ready to further invest time and efforts into this exciting endeavor.

Send us stories

If you feel that you would like to contribute your part, get in touch with us. We are always on the lookout for new stories to cover and welcome your input; e-mail to

Join our team

If you have interest in online reseach and no fear to reach out to people you are welcome to the team. The way we work is usually to stumble upon or find the stories online, get in touch with the people in charge (mostly Africans), ask them if they’d favor a feature on AP and ask them to send us text and pictures / footage. Are you ready to get onboard?  e-mail to


Another easy way to support us is to donate any amount of your choice. We offer you a widely accepted, safe and trusted payment method via PayPal. Donations will be used to compensate for our efforts, invest in selected projects on the grassroots level, support aspiring artists and promising initiatives. Feel free to make your suggestions.

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