AP-logo_profilepic_2014African Perspectives is an online platform for Africans on the continent or in the Diaspora – i.e. people of African Descent – to showcase their very own perspective on a given situation, a cultural event in their region, talk and discuss approaches of investments in their country and to find resources about Higher Education.

We welcome any input to this blog, our facebook page, on twitter and pinterest to spread the word about actions, initiatives, events and individual stories that you would like to share with the world, as they relate to the continent. Do feel free to add to our objectives, as they grow and add on, as we exchange ideas, thoughts and knowledge. Join the movement – for Africa.


  • Johanna Havemann –  founder & editor of “African Perspectives”, Communications and Project Management, currently located in Berlin, Germany. twitter: @johave, LinkedIn: johavemann
  • Kevin Kriedemann – Freelance Writer, Publicist & Online Marketer, currently located in Cape Town, South Africa. twitter: @kevinkriedemann, LinkedIn:  kevinkriedemann
  • Elizabeth Stephens, Communications Officer, regional expertise in the Middle East, Northern and Southern Africa, currently located in Johannesburg, South Africa. LinkedIn: EllieStephens, twitter: @EllieStephens5, blog: InsidetheApricot, Goodwall: Elizabeth Stephens


If you would like to join our team with spreading inspiring news about African Affairs globally, just e-mail to afriperspectives@gmail.com

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