On the Road with Maker Express [Egypt]



14500619_369889646733853_5685772857098492134_oCairo Hacker Space and Eshbook are going on a road trip with the Maker Express to more than 20 cities in Egypt!


The Maker Express is a microbus converted into a mobile makerspace. The goal of our eight-week tour is to connect and support venues of innovation across the country: makerspaces, coworking spaces, fab labs, start-ups, universities, schools, and other community organizations. With our traveling workshops, talks, and training, we hope to foster an open, collaborative environment for creators across different fields to meet and evolve their ideas together.


Tarek Omar / @CairoHacerSpace

Tarek / @CairoHackerSpace

We’re visiting community spaces all over the country for the next 8 weeks, offering workshops and networking tools for tech innovation, entrepreneurship, coworking, and beyond.

This is a chance for students, community organizers, creative managers, and entrepreneurs of all ages to come benefit from our mobile makerspace and learn from each other.



Illustration by Joséphine Lesaffre

We’re bringing our tools, you bring your brains.



Find out more at makerexpress.org

Follow  and facebook.com/Makerexpress

1380215_833061010077929_7831803704683471131_n eshbook-logo





gig-logo Cairo HackerSpace is a member of the Global Innovation Gathering

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