“Ubuntu Makasi – An afropean family is hitting African roads

Tresor Ilunga Mukuna & Dayana Dreke together with their 2-year old daughter Benisha are cruising the African continent for a year with their 4×4 motorhome ‘Ubuntu Makasi’. Their mission is to promote the Southern African philosophy of `Ubuntu´. 


photo credit: Dayana Dreke











Earlier this year, Dayana gave an interview to Melanie Akerboom from the online platform on social entrepreneurship whatamission.com:

The countries and route we selected are based on our personal networks incl. local activists, social entrepreneurs, artists and successful grassroots NGOs to tell their inspiring positive stories that are often ignored in mainstream media that portrays Africa rather stereotypically as the dark, violent, poor continent depending on the ‘West’.


The caravan was bought in Germany and underwent an almost magical 2-step transformation into the pan-African family motorhome:



film credit: Tresor Ilunga Mukuna

Check the BEFORE and AFTER impressions on facebook.com/groups/UbuntuMakasi.



film credit: Tresor Ilunga Mukuna


The journey starts in Cape Town, South Africa, where Dayana (born and raised in Germany) and Tresor (born and raised in the DR Congo) met and lived for the last 8-10 years.

ubutnu makasi

The family will collect inspiring stories from numerous countries in Africa with a spotlight on talented local artists, philosophers, musicians, poets, as well as social activists and entrepreneurs. Some of the topics Tresor and Dayana are most interested in are child and youth empowerment, gender equality, HIV/Aids and environmental protection.

Through this trip the family aims to educate, shift minds and promote ‘Ubuntu’ as interconnectedness thinking on a global level by igniting dialogues amongst their audiences.

Follow Dayana, Tresor and Benisha with their Ubuntu Makasi:

Travelblog: ubuntumakasi.com

Twitter: @UbuntuMakasi
Instagram: ubuntumakasi
Tresor’s filmmaker website: tresorilunga.com & YouTube: TIM X

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