SwahiliBox Big Data and IoT Bootcamp in Mombasa, Kenya

SwahiliBox in conjunction with Open Knowledge, DAA Stem Academy and its partners will be hosting the Open Data IoT Bootcamp, to demonstrate the marriage between things, especially the Internet of Things.

After 4 days of intense coding the team in Kenya came up with 2 projects on Arduino and Pi that can be used to create smarter cities by creating Open DataSets and making use of Big Data to improve service delivery and road traffic. The code and their description (by making use of Arduino and Pi) can be found at github.com/SwahiliBox/OpenDataIoT

We look forward to showcase this during the BootCamp on Saturday and Sunday.

Ahmed Maawy
Executive Director – SwahiliBox & M-Power (CBO)
Shaper – Global Shapers
Ambassador – Open Knowledge
Director – Startup Grind Mombasa
Software Developer – EveryLayer
(KE) +254 714 960 627
Skype: ultimateprogramer

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