Supporting Survivors of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda

The incike Initiative supports a portion of the population that was greatly affected by the Genocide against the Tutsis in 1994. It is an initiative by the Young ICT entrepreneurs association under kLab and the ICT Chamber. Its mission is to use technology to support elderly survivors above the age of 70, whose family members were decimated. Their stories are heart wrenching and unbearable.

INCIKE is a Kinyarwanda word derived from the verb “gucika” which means to be extinct or uprooted. In the context of the Genocide in Rwanda, INCIKE is this group of mostly elderly survivors above 60 years of age, who have lost everyone in their family and are left all alone. The conditions they live in are utterly catastrophic. Currently, there are 859 registered INCIKE in Rwanda. Find out more at

Rwanda’s Silicon Valley | TakePart Live

In 1994, Rwanda experienced a horrible genocide Against Tutsi where 1,000,000 were killed during 100 days. Militant Hutus left the country in a state of poverty after using machetes to maime, rape, and murder Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Twenty years later, young people are using technology to improve life in Rwanda, specifically in the country’s capital city, Kigali.
In the following video, TakePart World producer Alex Stapleton visits the open innovation space kLab, an innovation space that offers free mentorship, free space, free internet to fresh graduates and young entrepreneurs.
Aphrodice Mutangana created the Incike app to crowd source money for those in need. Alex travels with Aphrodice to meet Stephanie, a woman who lost her entire family and home in the Rwandan genocide. Thanks to the Incike app, Stephanie now has a home with a kitchen and access to staples like food and clothing.

How you can contribute

  • Bank details: Bank of Kigali | AVEGA / INCIKE Initiative | 00059-0641589-44 | Swift code : BKIGRWRW
  • Using a mobile phone dial *654# and select the amount to contribute daily after every airtime recharge. You have three options: 50, 65, or 100 RWF per day.
  • Using MTN Mobile Money send an amount of your choice to 0788520122
  • Using TIGO Cash dial *200*1*20000#
  • Using AIRTEL Money dial *182# > select 4. Pay bill > select 1. Merchant Payment > select 6. Other > enter nickname “fashincike” > Enter amount > enter reference number (any number preferred by the contributor) > Enter PIN to CONFIRM

Contact incike  

Telecom house 6th Floor, Klab
Kigali, Rwanda
[t] (+250) 0783-011-878

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