Toys for orphans in Mgbala Agwa, Nigeria

Toys 4 CHISTRE is an international campaign to find toy donations for the orphaned children of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Mgbala Agwa, Nigeria.

Our organisation is supporting children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other diseases.These children are indigent and their fate hang on the supports that people like you can provide

Playtime is one of the most fundamental parts of childhood development. These Children play in a variety of ways with a number of different toys.Each activity has a different effect on their development ,that is why we are asking for toys and funds to purchase them for the children.Toys are vital tools that help foster the mental, physical, emotional and social development of boys and girls. Toys are basic instruments for the development of children fantasy, thoughts and creativity.Support them to develop actively based on these tools.

Link to the crowdfunding campaign: buy-toys-for-children-in-orphanage (indiegogo).

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