IT’S IN YOUR HANDS – Inspiring Change through Design with the ABURY Design Experience

ABURY and Harper’s Bazaar Germany proudly present a unique “Open Call” to emerging international designers to preserve world crafts and culture.

The ABURY Design Experience (ADEx) is the first international contest in search for emerging designers to create an accessory capsule collection using traditional crafts knowledge from different cultures. Winners (2) will be receiving a travel and production budget up to €5000 and will spend up to three months in either Morocco or Ecuador.

What the ABURY Design Experience is aiming to achieve is simple, yet very substantial. It aims to preserve more world crafts, present more emerging talented designers to the fashion industry, and ultimately to have a positive and sustainable impact within local communities, and the fashion industry throughout.



ABURY is the first fashion platform that brings together traditional, old world crafts with avant-garde design to create a new luxury style that fosters intercultural exchange and preserves world crafts.

This exchange of knowledge between the old world and the cutting edge allows for a new context to emerge, leasing crafts a new life and lending design an emotional component which has been missing in recent times. The designer is embedded in a craft culture for roughly three months to learn and share ideas from one another and to create a collection together, bringing the best of heritage knowledge and wisdom to high design and sustainable solutions.


The ABURY Design Experience (ADEx) is open for applicants from all around the world.

We are looking for graduate students in fashion or accessory design, or recently established fashion/accessories designers who have a passion for crafts, culture, and cutting-edge modern design.

  • Minimum age: 21 years old
  • Maximum 5 years after graduation.
  • Availability from July to October 2015*
  • Any nationalities are welcomed.

* The winners must be available to come and stay in Berlin from 3-11 July 2015 for orientation and workshops. During the period from 11 July to 31 October 2015, winners are allowed to manage their own working schedule, as long as the collection is finished within 3 months.

More information at


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