Destroying FDLR or how to cover up past and ongoing crimes in Africa

Rising Continent

By Christopher Black

Hunted Rwandan refugees in DRC in 1997 Hunted Rwandan Hutu refugees in DRC in 1997. FDLR, who are mainly survivors of these pogroms where more than 500,000 were systematically tracked and massacred by Rwandan and Ugandan forces with the held of US and UN (there is today ample evidence showing that american intelligence informed attackers on refugee movements by using satellite communication), emerged from the community to protect the group from total extermination.

The title of the article of Christopher Black, former ICTR defense lawyer, initially published by New Eastern Outlook is: The UN Congo offensive – a continent betrayed. For more than two decades US, UK and other western countries plus their multinationals are directly and indirectly involved in massive crimes being committed in Africa and particularly in the Great Lakes region with a motive of plundering mineral resources. The author explains how this is achieved by manipulating political events which have…

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