Rising Education in Bertoua, Cameroon

Together with the local community we keep building our primary school in Bertoua, Cameroon.


Rising Education is a collaborative project between the German-Cameroonian NGO Hope Foundation and the student organization Rising Architecture involving the design, construction and operation of a bilingual primary school in Bertoua, Cameroon. The school is to become a centre for the community while simultaneously providing spaces for workshops and training. However its principal role will be primary years education for 250 children from grade one to six, responding to the local communities lack of educational facilities. Long-term accommodations for employees, and temporary accommodation for international volunteers will also be integrated in the complex. During the project’s realisation phase the local population is playing an active role in the project. Local workers, professionals and students are working together to not only build a school, but build an educational facility with a better understanding of the needs and requirements of functional and sustainable design. This will be in order to build and provide contextual and relevant educational infrastructure to the region.

Support the team at indiegogo.com/projects/self-built-primary-school-in-bertoua-cameroon.


Find out more and follow the Rising Architecture family at their  page – YouTube channel – Website.


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