eLearning Africa 2015 Call for Proposals is open until Jan 15, 2015

– Originally published on elearning-africa.com –

eLA15 banner

The tenth edition of eLearning Africa will take place on May 20 – 22, 2015, at the African Union Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In 2006, the inaugural event also took place in Ethiopia, and Rebecca Stromeyer, founder of the event, recently reflected on the impact that ten years of eLearning Africa has had on the ICT-enhanced learning sector in Africa:

rebeccaDuring its ten-year history, the conference has led to an explosion of new ideas, new projects, new agreements and new partnerships. It has brought the leading experts on learning, development and technology to take part in our discussions and it has shown the world the ambition and wisdom of Africa. It has created a new understanding of what Africans can achieve and a belief that, working together, sharing our knowledge, making the most of the great opportunity that education and technology offer us, we will change the world.

eLearning Africa 2015 will showcase the stories, experiences, research, thinking and expertise that make up the complex but thrilling picture of ICT for development, education and training in Africa today, under the overall theme of Enriching Tomorrow. Potential speakers are invited to submit a proposal (deadline 15.01.2015) and contribute their perspective to the largest gathering of eLearning and ICT supported education and training professionals in Africa.


The conference themes and proposal submission form can be found on the eLearning Africa website.

Follow eLearning Africa online at @eLAconference and facebook.com/pages/eLearning-Africa

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