Dear Mr. President (Kenya)

– Originally published on Oct 27,2014 by Beatrice Ndung’u on her Facebook profile.

letter to president_beatrice ndung'u

Dear Mr. President, and Mr. Former Acting President / Deputy President,

I hope you are both well. I am writing this letter on behalf of young Kenyans, especially young talented Kenyans who are NOT born in wealth. Recently we saw a tragic story of a lady who was mistreated in Saudi Arabia, a young Kenyan lady who went there in search of “greener pastures’. My question is: Why do people still go to Saudi Arabia yet we all know Kenyans are mistreated?? Because of lack of jobs in our own country. Yet when young people try to create jobs they are not supported. All they get is “I will get back to you on that proposal” or get empty promises. Then the geniuses in Kenya end up being supported by other countries, and relocate because we don’t support our own. They end up giving out 90% of their ideas or company shares to outside investors, then in the end, the companies become owned by outside investors, why? Because the rich in Kenya rarely invest in young people, all they do is go on talk shows and talk about how we should support our youth, and how “passionate” they are about the youth, then they do NOTHING in terms of investing in them. The most they can do is ask someone to come present their concept or idea, then they end up copying and implementing the idea because they have the money.

Speaking of supporting our own, Mr. President, Look at the athletes, where are they celebrated most? Look at the creative innovators who invent or create apps, or gadgets to help Kenya, they end up creating these things, get interviewed on TV, then end up going home, still hustling and probably end up without jobs. Mr. President, Kenyan youth have talent and we can create our own jobs, but do we have to wait for outside investors to support us, because they believe in us more than Kenyan leaders?

I am happy this govt is really trying to help and support. Yes Mr. PresidentUhuru Kenyatta you are doing alot, alot of new and good things, and I commend you for that, you are a super cool, approachable president, But do you follow up? Do you follow up on the funding you give out? Do you follow up on Youth Fund, Uwezo Fund, and all the other funding. Do you follow up on who got it, and the many young people who have given up on them because of being taken back and forth?
I can see you are very approachable Mr. President because of the many youth events that you have been attending. Cant you organize a day where young people come and present their ideas personally to you, and pin point the ones you can invest in as a govt and make sure the money is given to them?

beatrice-ndunguI speak on behalf of the many young talented geniuses in Kenya who are NOT born in wealth but have the ability to change Kenya. Don’t let our Kenyan youth go to other countries like Saudi Arabia to be mistreated because of lack of jobs!! Follow up, and support your own, it starts from home.

Thank you for your time Mr. President, oh and Happy Birthday.

Beatrice Ndung’u

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