ICT empowers communities in fight against Ebola

The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is the worst on record, with the World Health Organization reporting 4,447 deaths – Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have been the hardest hit nations. As international efforts are stepped up to combat the disease, attention has turned to the ways in which mobile technology can assist in Ebola awareness, diagnosis and prevention. 


The technologies being utilised in the fight against Ebola all have their varying benefits, for example tech development company Code Innovation have released an awareness-raising app covering a wide spectrum of languages and dialects: Jola, Sierra Leonian Krio, Liberian English, Swahili and Wolof; eHealth & Information Systems Nigeria provided health workers with an app for reporting symptoms; while UK-based NGO Radar focuses not on the provision of information to those affected but on receiving and sharing information from communities on the ground in Sierra Leone.

Read the full story at the e-Learning Africa Newsportal.

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