The Wheel Story House – made from recyclable materials

Text written by Maurice Divine Boye

The Wheel Story House is the largest and oldest home made from recyclable materials in West Africa. Made completely from discarded materials, this building is a must see in the Greater Accra Region. Often known as the Gaudí of Ghana,Sammy Mensah Ansah‘s architectural work is sure to amaze you. This unbelievable structure is made up of waste from the Tema Port, old abandoned gas stations and discarded electrical wheels. A true wonder to people of all ages, this house will challenge the way you view sustainable building and the environment around you. 

Nestled in the quiet Accra, Ghana, suburb of Abelempke, there stands a house unlike any other house you have ever seen. Comprised of broken coffee cups, discarded stones and timber, shipping containers and discarded electrical spools, The Wheel Story House is the largest and oldest home made from reclaimed and reused materials in West Africa. Consisting of 12 apartments, this architectural wonder is the perfect illustration of how one man’s trash really can be another man’s treasure. Constructed by Ghanaian junk architect, Sammy Mensah Ansah, 15 years ago the Wheel Story House is an artistic treasure that makes you see the beauty in everyday waste.

Sammy views his house not as an architectural masterpiece, but more of an artistic masterpiece that is forever growing.

Uncle_Sam2I am an artist, I just create beautiful things for people to enjoy. It just so happens that I am able to mix my talent with building.

When you think about it, nothing is waste. Everything can be reused somewhere and somehow. You just have to think about how,” he says. “I know that what I have created here is just a starting point. Some will come and see it and do better. This story is not just for me, it’s for the entire world, in particular Africa.

Ansah hopes that those visiting The Wheel Story House understand that nothing should be considered waste. He also hopes that people use his home as a starting point to stimulate their own trash creations.

The Wheel Story House is open Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm, including most holidays. They also host a Family Day every third Saturday of each month, which has a variety of children’s activities. To learn more about the Wheel Story House please visit their Facebook page, Wheel Story House or reach them via phone at 0244.669.851.

The Wheel Story House has been featured in BBC World News and a variety of other national and international newspapers. 

Find out more at | @wheelstoryhouse | |…Reviews-Wheel_Story_House… | YouTube

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