AMPION – crowdfunding breaks new ground to support African entrepreneurs

+++ AMPION press release – Harare / Berlin +++

“Adopt a startup”: A new way to make innovative African startups sustainable

The crowdfunding campaign for this years’ AMPION Venture Buses went live on September 23,
2014. In order to fund our extensive AMPION Fellowship Program supporting the most creative and
innovative startups built on the 2014 African Venture Buses, AMPION decided to break new ground
in its funding approach.

While the Indiegogo campaign Change through technology in Africa will also offer classic perks like
T-Shirts for smaller donations, AMPION explores a new approach for donations of 99€ and above:
supporters have the possibility to adopt one of the winning AMPION Venture Bus startups or a
single African entrepreneur. Depending on the budget, donators may choose from different lengths
of support.

Adopting a startup enables its transition from an innovative idea into a real business, which also
contributes to African job creation and entrepreneurial ecosystem improvement. As patrons of the
startups, donors will in the future also be mentioned on the website of the respective company.
Over 160 participants on this years’ Venture Buses will create 16+ startups tackling African needs
and priorities. The AMPION Fellowship Program will nurture the most promising business ideas, and
produce tangible results for the local economy.

By increasing the interactivity between the sponsors and the sponsored, AMPION increases the
transparency of its Fellowship Program and gives supporters the possibility to keep track of the
impact of their donation. This way, AMPION involves crowdfunding supporters in the whole process
of capacity building provided by the Fellowship Program. Donors can witness first-hand the positive
change they help to enable.

About the AMPION Venture Bus

Four AMPION Venture Bus hackathons will travel through 16 countries in Africa this year to create innovative
and sustainable startups for the African market and tackle local challenges. Last year, the pilot bus was covered
by renowned media such as the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle. After the successful first journey in
2013 through Zimbabwe and South Africa, three startups have launched operations:, a learning
system via SMS; Workforce, a platform bringing together job seekers and potential employers; and Bribed, an
app to tackle corruption by crowdsourcing real time data on bribes that now cooperates with Transparency
International in Germany.


About the AMPION Fellowship Program

The AMPION Fellowship Program offers financing, mentorship and office space to the best startups developed
for the African market. It provides a valuable exchange of expertise by connecting the entrepreneurs to
AMPIONs network of investors, internet accelerators and business experts. Additionally, it enables the
entrepreneurs to work on their ideas for six months without having to worry about a lack of income. And lastly,
the office spaces provided by AMPION and its partner AfriLabs are integrated co-working spaces in innovation
hubs – this way the startups will have the possibility of continued networking and knowledge exchange in their


+++ ENDS +++

AMPION in Europe AMPION in Africa
Oranienburger Str. 69
10117 Berlin
29 Cosham Avenue
Borrowdale, Harare

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