‘Made in Africa’ – a true story about digital innovation.


‘Made in Africa’ – a true story about digital innovation

This movie will be a cliché-breaking documentary about African innovation culture.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘Made in Africa’ ?

Safaris? Massai walking into the Sunset? Wooden masks and big colourful prints? Refugee camps and famine? Diamond mines and child soldiers?

In the past, Africa has been portrayed as the lost continent, the dark continent, a continent ridden by crisis and dependent on aid. Positive stories from Africa have been mostly limited to adventure stories, tribal fantasies and sunset-Safaris. In the past, “Africa” either brought to mind images of Bob Geldorf holding starving children or the romantic depiction of Elton John’s circle of life with tourists, watching the big five drink from waterholes from their chalet, drums beating in the distant background.
Africa is much more

The idea behind the documentary “Made in Africa” is to tell a new story. Made in Africa will tell the story of a young generation of Africans on the rise, striving for success and independence, a story of innovation and technological revolution. “Made in Africa” will portray leading figures in different countries, tell their personal story and connect them to the bigger picture of the dynamic changes the continent is undergoing.

‘Made in Africa’ will break with clichés and let the viewer experience a side of Africa they have never seen before.

Made in Africa is a documentary film that aims to change the way people view Africa and give insight into shifts brought about by technological innovations across the continent. So far, the movie has been produced by Geraldine de Bastion and René von der Waar and made possible by all the people who helped and contributed.

The project started in September 2013 with us booking a trip through four African countries. We shot all the material in October and November 2013, spent six months editing from February to July and are now ready to start the post-production stage. We are proud to have organised this as a community-driven no-budget project and to have financed all the expenses for the production ourselves so far. Now, we need money for the post production (sound and colour mastering, graphic design, paying creative contributors like musicians, artists etc.) That is why we have been launching a crowdfunding campaign and kindly ask for your help.

Geraldine de Bastion, Co-Producer

nanjiraThere is ongoing critique of how narratives about Africa are portrayed, especially by Western media to their audiences. “Made in Africa “ is a relevant portrayal of an ever growing and diverse technology and hubs scene across the continent! Alongside the sentiment that Africans need to tell their own stories, other storytellers also have a critical role to play. Geraldine and René have taken the time to appreciate this, and done a fantastic job with this production.

Nanjira Sambuli, iHub Kenya

AndriankotoMade in Africa is an important movie, not just to show people in Europe what is happening in Africa, but also to show it to African audiences – every political leader should receive a copy so that they understand what the young generation wants and thinks and how we are developing our countries bottom up.

Harinkaja Andriankoto Ratozamanana, Founder Habka Hub, Madakaskar

gabrielaThe documentary is a great opportunity to understand how technologies that empower citizens can transform realities across the globe. And is also a good way to see Africa through youth and innovator’s eyes.

Gabriela Augistini, PICNIC, Brazil

Crowdfunding: indiegogo.com/projects/made-in-africa
Vimeo Channel: vimeo.com/channels/madeinafrica
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/MADE-IN-AFRICA/499755750113317
Photostream: flickr.com/photos/126519121@N02
Web: made-in-africa-the-movie.net

Contact information

MADE IN AFRICA Press Contact
Geraldine de Bastion
Mail: geraldine@re-publica.de
Phone: +49-179-9975766

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