AMPION Venture Bus – Ride the bus to start your business

The AMPION Venture Bus is an initiative to create innovation through technology and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Let’s support change through technology in Africa together! How? By empowering Entrepreneurs to realize Startup ideas that can change the lives of many people for the better! Sounds like a fabulous plan? We think so, too!

Venture Bus?

The idea behind AMPION’s Venture Bus is simple – 40 Entrepreneurs for 5 days on 1 bus! Designers, business experts and developers meet on the Venture Bus and team up to create innovative startups providing solutions to local challenges in Africa.

After a successful pilot in 2013 (read about it here), we are taking it to the next level: 4 new routes means 160 Entrepreneurs driving through 15 countries!

And to make sure the great ideas developed on the buses can actually materialize into solid businesses we support the best startups developed on the bus with funding, mentorship & more for half a year!

Help us spread the word with this Thunderclap, let’s put the Venture Buses on the road together!

Please support our Thunderclap now & join the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Let’s create change through technology in Africa. Together.

More information can be found on | | @AmpionAfrica

You’ve got any additional questions? Contact and we are happy to get in touch.

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