Sudanese-South African Documentary wins major Award at the Toronto international Film Festival.

Beats of the Antonov, won the prestigious People’s Choice Documentary Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, beating master filmmakers to claim the sought-after prize at the world’s most popular film festival.

Beats of the Antonov is directed by Hajooj Kuka and produced by Steven Markovitz and Hajooj Kuka. The film is a coproduction between Sudanese production company Refugee Club and South African production company Big World Cinema. The music Producer is Alsarah. The documentary was filmed in the rebel-held areas of the Blue Nile and Nuba mountain regions in Sudan and finished in Cape Town, South Africa

‘This award is for the community who helped make this film and hopefully it will help the Sudanese people see how beautiful we are. It is a film about love, not war’.

said director Hajooj Kuka

‘We are thrilled about this award. The film turns the notion of Africa as a continent of victims on its head. It shows the incredible resilience of Sudanese people at a time of great adversity.

said Producer Steven Markovitz

The film is accompanied by a soundtrack of traditional Sudanese music and will begin to screen at festivals worldwide within the next few months.

Watch the trailer:


For further information, please contact : Tarha Mckenzie on or (SA) 021 461 5962

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