Giving Africa a Voice Through Art – A Call for Submissions!

Calling all African Artists!

If you are an artist interested in envisioning a more positive future for Africa – or the world! – consider submitting your work to the Future of Human Rights Forum’s (FHR Forum) international competition: Future Cities, Future Life. The deadline is October 30, 2014 – so don’t miss out!

Africa has been historically viewed as an underdeveloped and impoverished continent, ripe with war, famine, disease and inequality. But this African narrative has begun to change with innovation and education playing a leading role in the development of many African states. To showcase this changing paradigm, FHR Forum seeks to showcase African artists, designers, architects as well as aspiring African artists as they answer the problem question:

How would you like to see future cities (including villages, towns, and communities) in 100 years?

Future Cities Future Life flyer

Artists are encouraged to use any artistic techniques to express how they would like to envision future cities, communities, and villages. The deadline for the competition is October 30, 2014. Winning artists will receive the chance to have their work exhibited to an international audience of more than 500 individuals at the Human Rights Day Forum 2014 to be hosted on December 10, 2014.

At the Human Rights Day Forum, entries will be judged by Forum attendees, who will also have the option to purchase printed copies of the works. Twenty artist winners will be selected and contacted by December 19, 2014 and will have their artworks displayed in a Geneva-based art gallery. Artists will then have the chance to sell their original works, and a final winner will also receive a 3 month contract to work on a large-scale project with FHR Forum starting early 2015.

So don’t miss your chance to participate and submit your work by October 30th! Give Africa a voice, and inspire others to rethink the way they look at Africa, the bright continent.

– This article was written by Elizabeth Stephens. You can follow Elizabeth on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

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