Stop Patronizing the African Entrepreneurs

Food for thought, for sure!

Kofi Said it

stop patronising me Nigerian’s Mark Zuckerberg , Africa’s Bill Gates, “Africa’s this”, “Africa’s that”.  When is this patronization of the African going to stop? I am this, and not that of Africa or Ghana or whatever village I come from.

I think it  is wrong to measure our achievements on some arbitrary scale to make us feel good. I would prefer that young entrepreneurs are compared with their peers across the globe in a way that isn’t patronizing and makes them feel  accomplished when in actual sense they are not deserving of such accolades..

This has a big psychological effect in making someone feel he/she has “arrived” when the person isn’t anyway near that achievement. Unfortunately, that is what the international press does to the egos of the young African entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong, yes, we need to celebrate those making it in a small way here in Africa because in all honesty our…

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