IPC is delivering international-class consulting services in Africa

Infinite Potentials Consulting (IPC) is a professional services consulting firm which partners with leading organizations in the corporate, civil-society and governmental sectors in Africa and works with them to realize their potential. A social-enterprise, our three main modes of work are helping African business grow, helping international business enter Africa and helping African businesses connect with international investors.

The driver behind founding IPC was our frustration at the fact that today, leading African organizations find it challenging to find the right skills to help them grow while countless brilliant young African people aren‘t able to apply their skills to help corporates, non-profits and governments in their regions. We want to change this paradigm by putting together a team of Africa’s best-educated, hardest-working and most passionate youth and helping them work on projects of relevance to African development.

Anne_MAnne Misere is a Nairobi-based business analyst who was born and raised in Kenya and completed her university education at Moi University in Kenya before taking a Master’s degree at the elite African Institute for Mathematical Sciences centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Anne has worked with many clients since joining IPC, driving strategic planning, market research, positioning and corporate positioning projects.

Three key areas underpin our relationship with IPC.

Firstly, IPC has been providing us with expert and strategic support to successfully open new centres of excellence, as we expand across the African continent. Their ability to apply strategic thinking and analysis and bring creative solutions to difficult problems facilitated timely completion of activities.

Untitled-1Secondly, IPC has been instrumental to us developing, establishing and securing valuable partnerships with International Governments and Foundations.

Thirdly, IPC has consistently delivered high quality results and with a quick turnaround, to all the assignments they have undertaken.

We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with IPC.


Executive Director

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI)

We see ourselves as a social entrepreneurship project – to us, this means that we are committed not only to being a responsible business, but to being part of meaningful social change. In this regard, we pursue a three-pronged social mandate via providing challenging and meaningful careers in Africa, through our work in supporting African development and through the donation of a meaningful portion of our profits to support scholarships for talented young students from Africa.

Nevertheless, in order to deliver world-class consulting services, our team is also supported by an international experts network, each having deep and varied expertise in IPC‘s sectors of expertise.

Furthermore, we have an office in Berlin and are expanding our presence in Africa. At present time, Kigali, Nairobi, Accra and Lilongwe are our targeted starting points.

IPC is proud of its work. As an example, we recently partnered with a world-class North American educational centre to explore effective ways of entrance to the African market in order to share the excitement and wonder of science with African students, while enhancing their brand and reputation and generating new revenues.

IPC aims to become Africa’s leading professional services provider and it is our exceptional team which will enable us to reach this goal.

We are Infinite Potentials Consulting.

Learn more at infinitepotentials.org, follow us @IPC_org or check out facebook.com/ipc.org.

Contact our Founder, Arun Sharma at arun@infinitepotentials.org


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