Peace and Freedom shall prevail: Nairobi, Kenya #westgate

It seems to be over now, after 60 hrs of fear. Judgement will be held in heaven, not in court. Kenya #westgate was just released of the chains of terror. Too many to mourn about, too much pain caused.

People have yet again demonstrated courageously that #weareone. Incredible forces were unfolded not by the terrorists, but by the Kenyan society. Countless brave and strong hearts expressing their unity as One Nation to stand up against Evil. Comforting each other.

We would like to share with you some of the strongest words written in the face of terror describing the invincible courage we all are capable of:

Dear Al-Shabab,

Unlike you, today I woke up and exercised my democratic right. I chose what I was going to wear and what I ate for breakfast. I even went to work in a car that I drove myself despite you terrorising MY city.

You may laugh behind your tweets and cowardly comments on tv but we are resilient and you have not broken us! My countrymen bravely died and continue to battle to protect us. And prevail they will! Those that you injured have a fighting spirit to carry on their lives to the fullest – no amount of your AK47s, grenades or brutal ways can take that away from us.

You might claim that you are the only ones protecting Somalis and Somalia but you are persecuting your own kind as we provide them shelter in OUR country. In OUR country they exercise their right to freedom that which you are so terrified of. Kenyans are not the enemy of Somalia.

If all the extensive planning you had conducted to carry out this despicable act of cowardice was used to build communities you would not be standing alone cornered at the edge of death. We stand united with Muslims, Jews, Christians and Hindus from around the world who champion our cause!

As you set mattresses on fire in a last ditch effort to prolong your message we are not listening to what you say. But hear my message to you…I PITY YOU. I feel sorry that you will never know the life we lead. You will never know freedom or love or a sense of belonging. And that is your punishment. You will die never having any of this. We will go on resolute in our determination and there is nothing you can do to us to prevent this.

Yours sincerely,

Freedom lover.

Shreya Karia


Little children pushed other children out of harms way. Children pulled children to safety.

Kenyan police run into harms way for us with no helmet, no bullet proof vests and regular shoes.

A Muslim man wrote a short prayer on a piece of paper for a Christian man he was hiding with and helped him to memorize it in case the terrorists asked him to say something from the Quran.

Secretary General of the Red Cross, put on a volunteers vest and went on site to work with his paramedics.

The Kenya Defense Forces went in there like superheroes.

No hospital turned a patient away.

Blood banks were full before they were empty again.

#KOT (Kenyan’s On Twitter) outrage on NY Times images made them pull those images off.
Heaven was filled with prayers and questions.

We will prevail.
“We are as brave and invincible as the lions on our coat of arms” – President Uhuru Kenyatta.


We Are One – Photography by Mutua Matheka
You can download this as wallpaper for your desktop, tablet & mobile device.

2 days ago gunmen terrorists took over a mall in Nairobi and shot and killed 68 people now and injured more than 150 more in a hideous, cowardly attack. A few people are still hostage under the terrorists as I write this at 4.11am still unable to sleep. I am heartbroken for all the people that lost their lives, for their families, their friends. For the future’s they could have had, people they would have met, loved. Heartbroken that people lost lives because of someone’s lunacy. My heart goes out to those afflicted directly and indirectly. We are one.

On the other hand, I am overjoyed by the resilience of the people of this nation. People who have encouraged each other, given hope in their messages and actions. Police officers (who we have made fun of in the past) who went in to extract trapped ones inside. Sometimes going in without any protection. All authorities on site that have sacrificed comfort to help and try solve the situation. The Kenya Red Cross and volunteers who are helping out on site in many many ways. People at Visa Oshwal counseling victims and keeping records to help others find missing loved ones. Victims who decided to stay after being saved, to help save more people. All giving blood to help any that may need it. Volunteers coordinating the blood drive and donation centers. People donating milk, water, glucose, soda, money, anything really to help wherever they can. People who have been praying tirelessly for those still held hostage in Westgate. We are one.

I do know that the terror act was intended to instill fear in us and in ways it may have. But we shall fight the fear, fight it with hope, with light and with love. We shall meet in open spaces, share laughter and joy after this. We shall mourn the dead and cry with the bereaved. We shall fight darkness with light. We are one.

I pray. I pray for comfort, I pray for peace of heart. I pray for victims still inside, that 2yr old boy and his mother. I pray they make it out safely. I pray that love may prevail.

Now and ever. We are one.

You can download it from the links above and below this post or via the “Wallpaper Monday” App for Android.

Mutua Matheka


And many, many more… feel free to comment and we will list more in this post.

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