Redi Tlhabi discusses the global rape epidemic on South 2 North on Al Jazeera

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, this Friday on Al Jazeera’s new global talk show South 2 North, Redi Tlhabi discusses the global rape epidemic with Professor Ratna Kapur, Professor Farid Esack, and Dr. Amelia Kleijn.  

In December 2012, 23-year-old medical student Jyoti Pandey was gang-raped and savagely beaten on a bus in Delhi, India. She subsequently died from her injuries.

In February 2013, on another continent, in South Africa, 17-year-old Anene Booysen was brutally gang-raped – her intestines left lying next to her body. She too died.

Then last week an official report in the UK revealed that a London police sex crime unit pressured a woman to drop a rape claim against a man who then went on to murder his two children.

Rape knows no boundaries and doesn’t discriminate on grounds of wealth, race or religion.

On South 2 North this week, Redi will ask how we begin to understand and stop this global epidemic of sexual violence.

It’s an important conversation for her. Redi is also a radio presenter on 567 CapeTalk and 702 Talk Radio, two stations who interrupted their broadcasts on 8 February 2013 with a beep every four minutes, to remind listeners of the rate at which rape occurs within South Africa.

On South 2 North, Redi will speak to Professor Ratna Kapur, Professor of Law at Jindal Global Law School in Delhi. Professor Kapur lectures the world over and works for the UN as a Senior Gender Advisor In Nepal.

Redi will also talk to Dr. Amelia Kleijn, a social worker in South Africa, and Professor Farid Esack, head of The Department of Religious Studies at The University of Johannesburg.


This week’s episode of South 2 North premieres at 19:30 GMT on Friday, 8 March 2013, as well as Saturday at 14h30, Sunday 04h30 and Monday 08h30.

Additionally, on Thursday at 22h30 GMT, Al Jazeera English programme 101 East will air a 30-minute film that speaks to men who admit to rape and violence against women, and asks them what it will take to change attitudes.

For more information, visit, where all episodes are available to watch online.

You can also tweet your questions, comments and opinions to @AJSouth2North or find South 2 North on

Kevin Kriedemann

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