Kenya ready for PEACEful Elections

Tomorrow, Kenyans will hold their general elections.

This blog post is a message of Peace; an assembly of how Kenyans have prepared and do what is possible to allow for a peaceful electoral process.


Uchaguzi is an Ushahidi deployment to monitor the Kenyan general election on March 4th 2013. Our aim is to help Kenya have a free, fair, peaceful, and credible general election. Uchaguzi’s strategy for this is to contribute to stability in Kenya by increasing transparency and accountability through active citizen participation in the electoral cycles.This strategy is implemented through building a broad network of civil society around Uchaguzi as the national citizen centred electoral observation platform that responds to citizen observations.

Erik Hersman

Here is a message from Gina Din Kariuki, Goodwill Amb. – Kenya Red Cross Society:

elog banner

A list of selected people and organisations in support of peaceful elections:

On twitter follow @Uchaguzi#UchaguziBora – #KenyaDecides – #KOT (Kenyans On Twitter)#VotePeace – #ChaguaPeace (Choose Peace)

You can also view Al Jazeera’s coverage at

Read The Guardian’s article on “Kenya peace project puts focus on talk and trust ahead of elections“.


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