Redi Tlhabi explores energy crisis on Al Jazeera’s South 2 North

Al Jazeera’s new African talk show host Redi Tlhabi chats to Professor Mosad Elmissiry (NEPAD), Dr. Christoph Frei (World Energy Council), and Birgitta Resvik (Fortum)

On Al Jazeera’s new global talk show South 2 North, Redi Tlhabi talks energy. It lights our world, heats our food and keeps us connected.


Demand for energy is dramatically increasing as human populations explode. The world’s population has jumped from three billion in 1960 to over seven billion today, so we’re facing an energy crisis.

Experts are clear: urgent solutions need to be found – but what are the solutions? Is renewable energy like solar and wind power the right answer?

Redi’s first guest is Professor Mosad Elmissiry, head of The Energy Programme at The New Africa Partnership. (NEPAD)  He is from Egypt, where high population density will demand an increasing energy supply.

He is heading up a plan to solve Africa’s energy crisis by getting business and governments to at least talk to each other.

Redi’s second guest is Dr Christoph Frei, head of The World Energy Council, which has been around since the 1920s and is seen as the only truly global thinktank for people committed to a sustainable energy future.

Redi’s final guest, Birgitta Resvik, works for a Finnish multi-national company, Fortum. They provide affordable energy solutions for Nordic countries, Russia and India.

For more information, visit, where all episodes are available to watch online.


Kevin Kriedemann

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