Women & Africa Now Have Their Positive Platform

by Jessica Foumena

Native of Cameroon, I have developed a strong passion for issues related to women and Africa during my U.S. college career. Recently, I started a blog ‘Women & Africa’ (W&A) where I publish unique articles about women and Africa on various topics.

jessicaThroughout my U.S. college career, I found out that most people knew little to none about my beloved continent. Over the years, I understood that the lack of information was partly to be blamed by the stereotypical media coverage made by popular U.S. networks.

As an aspiring journalist, I wanted to report about the good things that were happening on the African continent such as the positive impact of soccer in the lives of children, the work of non-profit governmental organizations and many other individual success stories, that often went uncovered.

My enriching conversations with strangers, friends, classmates, and professors about Africa led me to believe that millions wanted to know more about the 54 African countries and their respective people. Convinced that the world needed to stop seeing my continent as a place where only civil unrests and poverty rule, I enrolled for a master’s degree in International Journalism at Baylor University.

The academic training gave me the right experience and exposure to develop further my writing and research skills as well as an understanding about the international media. Moreover, my thirst for promoting a better Africa remained unquenched. As a result, I created the blog “Women & Africa” (W&A), the positive and educational online platform for everyone who has a heart for Africa and women. Through my W&A blog, I aspire to share her passion for Africa and to end the widespread ignorance and various misconceptions about her beloved continent. Also, I welcome guest bloggers from across the globe to share their own stories and perspectives about women and Africa.

In the future, I intend to establish an educational non-profit “Women & Africa” that will undertake several goals. One of them will be providing educational materials to African and non-Africans who want to exchange and share the passion about women and the African continent. Another one will be to encourage and equip women across the globe and young Africans to reach their professional dreams.

My (W&A) blog is available on the web at womenandafrica.blogspot.com

Also, I invite you to join the (W&A) Twitter community  and the (W&A) Facebook community

If you share my passion for women and Africa, I am willing to network with you on Twitter @fjesslynn or on Facebook.

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