African History: The Kingdom of Kush

The worst thing to have happened to Africans is not the colonisation of our resources and people or the recent genocides; it is that our history has been stolen and hidden from us. 

Emmanuel Jal

Pyramids of Meroe in Sudan

The Kingdom of Kush or Kush was an ancient African kingdom situated on the confluences of the Blue NileWhite Nile and River Atbara in what is now the Republic of Sudan. […] During the New Kingdom of EgyptNubia (kush) was an Egyptian colony, governed by an Egyptian Viceroy of Kush. With the disintegration of the New Kingdom around 1070 BCE, Kush became an independent kingdom centered at Napata in modern central Sudan. […] The Kushites also built burial mounds and pyramids, and shared some of the same gods worshiped in Egypt, especially Ammon and Isis. The Kush rulers were regarded as guardians of the state religion and were responsible for maintaining the houses of the gods. […]

> from Wikipedia, Kingdom of Kush (as of Jan. 28, 2013).


[…] The kingdom was created by a mixture of tribal chiefs from the Nilotes, (Nubians), Nuba, Luo, Maasai, Nuer, Shilluk, Dinka, Anyuak, Kalengin, Turkanians, Acholi, Bari, Kakwa, Madi and Senegalese amongst others. These groups later became known as ‘Kushites’ and the Nilotes have since been constantly pushed southwards and scattered all over Africa.

Cush is still believed to be the ancient kingdom of some of the current tribes inhabiting South Sudan.

The reason I chose to sing about Cush was to encourage South Sudanese and Africans to reconnect with our history: a history that supports the existing civilization of today. Learning about our foundations will help us find the basic steps to move forward.

South Sudan is a new nation struggling, and I hope this song will help young people rise up, become proud of their roots and gain confidence from our proud ancestry.

> from Emmanuel Jal‘s campaign page…/Cush

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