Reading suggestion: THE STREET BOY IN SUIT by George Kwaku Anyaba

– The Memoirs of an Orphaned Street Child –

About the book

Sometimes we become victims of circumstances that are not our making and it is indeed our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny.  Poverty is neither beautiful nor beneficial. It prevents visionary and ambitious people from attaining self-fulfillment. The antidote to the scourge of poverty is through a deliberate attempt fuelled by a high level of determination by the individual, the love of other people and effective systems put in place by the government to support the individual to break the chains of poverty through Education. This book essentially tells a story of love; about how the little show of love can transform the life of a disadvantaged person and the persons’ resolve to take advantage of that love to work hard to succeed in life and reciprocate it to other disadvantaged people.



At the critical adolescent age of 15, I became a parent, not by choice but by necessity. My father died in 1991 and for the next seven years, my mother single-handedly eked out a living in the face of grinding poverty, to cater for her seven children. In 1998, my mother also passed away. As the eldest of my siblings, parenthood was rudely and suddenly thrust upon me. I had to struggle day and night to take care of my siblings. I was in desperate need of help. At the point where life had ceased to be meaningful, my tale of woe thankfully came to an end – a light shone at the end of the tunnel. God intervened and showered his love and grace on us by bringing the Village of Hope to our rescue. The Village of Hope gave my family a place to sleep, clothes to wear, education, health, nutritious food, and most importantly Christ. Through the Village, our lives, both physically and spiritually, have been transformed for the better. The next ten chapters are about that journey from desperation to hope and I am grateful to the St. John’s area market women for recounting some of my parents’ story, and to the Village of Hope for the support towards making my story available to more people. […]

About the author

Beginning at age fifteen, George Anyaba acted as a parent for all his five siblings when the extended family deserted them completely after their parents’ deaths. A couple of years down the line they were saved by grace when the Village of Hope at Gomoa –Fetteh adopted Anyaba and his siblings. Anyaba, who had dropped out of high school, went back to school and eventually graduated fromValley View University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. At the University, he was involved in various student activities and was elected President of the Business Administration Students Association (BASA). He currently works at CAL Bank. George Anyaba loves to preach and is passionate about youth development and advocacy.

Also published on championsofhopefoundation.blogspot:THE STREET BOY IN SUIT ON SALE NOW

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