The Girl Child: One Story of a Lost Dream

Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer

I remember the period so vividly. Yes, I do. 1992 to 1994. And I remember her name even more profoundly too-Jessica Akullo. She was a naughty, tall (3.5ft), light skilled girl with a glorious brain.

Jessica Akullo and i were young, playful, ambitious and too bright for Obiarai Primary School –our village pride of knowledge.

Located approximately 20km North West of Soroti municipality, it’s in Obiarai that we ever got introduced to the English sentence of “Good morning teacher, how are you sir/madam.”

We always recited that sentence in a synchronized manner every morning as we kick-started our first lessons.

In a class of 36 pupils, Jessica and I sat on the same row. She was to the far west end and me to the extreme east of the shaky muddy walls with grass thatched roof that we proudly called our class.

Then, the two of us didn’t see the…

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