ZimMarket – Zimbabwe Classifieds e-commerce webspace

ZimMarket is one of the few pioneer and fastest growing online advertising website in Zimbabwe.

ZimMarket gives you the opportunity to readjust your marketing mix to include the non-traditional method of Advertising namely Online Advertising. We are an online classifieds portal dedicated to provide a vital service that our clients will greatly cherish and value. We will always strive and continue to fine-tune the structure and functionality of our website in an effort to deliver the best service to our clients.

To this extent we endeavour to establish, maintain and sustain a permanent two-way relationship with our clients. The improvement that we regularly conduct on our website is the result of the valuable feedback that we get.

We are aware of the fact that the current ZimMarket categories might not cover the products or services that you offer to your clientele. In such cases we ask you to include in your advert the proper terms or category under which you would like your products to fall. You can alternately email us in advance with the requested category names so that we can add them to our website before you even submit your advert for posting.

Facebook Page: ZimmarketClassifieds

Website: zimmarket.com

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