Using their hands to create beautiful jewelry – out of bones

Victorious Youth Group

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Victorious Youth Group was started in 2006 and registered under the ministry of youth and gender for the purpose to create jobs, especially for young unemployed youths in the Kibera slums. For a period of 5 years, Victorious has worked hard to create a space for other youths who live and come out of Kibera. The group members of Victorious today volunteer to train youths. They also offer them advice, such as making sure they keep themselves away from idleness and instead work hard to join hands against poverty in Kenya.


The Market

These young men have the capacity to produce very beautiful jewellery, however the bigger challenge is that they can’t find a good market for their products. One thing that they really need is a group of people or a company that they can partner with so that they can have a continuous supply of their jewellery to both local and international markets.


The group also needs some masks to help them protect their respiratory organs from the dust that is created during the production process of the bone jewellery. The dust is bad for their health and affects the amount of work they are able to do.

The following is a video from 2011 at a crafts fair in Kenya, where the Victorious Youth Group presented their work:

Here is a Kibera News Network video from 2010 where you meet Pascal – a bone jewelry maker. He talks about his circumstances and how this kind of work is crucial for him to sustain his livelihood and support his family:




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