“What kind of development is this?” Life, land, and in/justice in Uganda

Today, we would like to raise awareness again on the highly controversial issue of land grab, with an example from Uganda. The Source Project together with Friends of the Earth Intl. have produced a viral video to highlight the issue and by giving the affected people a platform which allows them to speak up and express their concerns, as they are directly affected by so called “development initiatives” currently ongoing not only, but as well, in their region.
All text, videos and images in this post are courtesy of the mentioned organizations.

John Muyisha and his community in Kalangala, Uganda, have lost their land. […] Bulldozers came that flattened the ancient forest and John’s coffee plants.

The company planted oil palms instead. With just 2 acres left to make a living, John and his community are now fighting for the right to their land.

This is their story:

In Kalangala, Uganda, John Muniishya woke up one day to find bulldozers clearing his land to plant oil palms. John and his community have preserved their forests and lands for generations. Now their way of life is at risk. Help John. Join Friends of the Earth International, and take action to stop land grabbing in Uganda foei.org/landgrab

This video has been produced in association with the source project thesourcefilm.org for Friends of the Earth International.

To enhance the plight of the farmers affected, The Source Project in association with Friends of the Earth International produced this viral video – with Music by Gary Reuben Morris (feel encouraged to share):

The Uganda Government’s willingness to allow foreign companies access to Ugandan land, and forest, is leading to the displacement of local communities and the destruction of their traditional way of life. The large-scale handover of the land they depend on threatens their livelihoods and infringes their basic human rights.

Find a series of images related to the films on land grab in Uganda at this link on flickr.com (by FOEIntl.)

Visit The Source Project’s profile on Vimeo – you will find more related videos with testimonials on “The Value of Land”.

More background to the whole story at The Source Project Blog

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