Mbarara: “The Land of Milk and Honey”

Mbarara, the land of “Milk and Honey” is a district in Western Uganda that exemplifies beauty in all forms. When I was growing up,  I remember the attractive hills and ravishing green vegetation of Mbarara. These scenes made me appreciate the splendor of Uganda.

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When one talks about Mbarara, long-horned cattle comes to mind. When entering the town a statue symbolic of the long-horned cattle can be seen, illustrating its prominence in the lands of Mbarara. The cattle produces beef that has extremely low cholesterol. The tender beef is a fond delicacy all over the world. Texas in particular has embraced the long-horned cattle. The milk from the cattle is very nutritious as well.

Mbarara has become a centerpiece for cultural cooperation between Uganda and Rwanda. The First Lady of Rwanda, Jeannette Kagame, gave $10,000 (about sh23.2m) towards the promotion of culture between Uganda and Rwanda. Mrs Kagame was prompted to give the donation after visiting Igongo Cultural Centre in Mbarara district last year and was impressed by the work the Centre does in promoting cultural values. Mbarara is becoming a great focal point for culture in Uganda. Learn more about this project.

Mbarara has developed significantly over the last couple of years. Ndeija county in Mbarara lacked electricity for long periods but in recent times some households in the county have adopted solar energy to provide electricity.

Agriculture is a major sector in the area, and it has advanced over the years. The banana industry has progressed tremendously and there is a lot of local processing of the crop. President Yoweri Museveni has rendered developing the banana industry as an initiative. Technology and research have become major blocks of the industry, yielding new products like Instant Tooke Flour and Raw Tooke Flour. Below is a list of products produced from the flour.

Instant Tooke Flour products

  • Tooke Meal
  • Tooke Porridge
  • Tooke Soups
  • Tooke chips and many other snacks
  • Tooke dumplings (Glosse)

Raw Tooke Flour products

  • Composite Bread
  • Composite Cakes
  • Composite Biscuits
  • Composite Doghnuts
  • Chapaties

Tasty Tooke Bread

The processed products were unheard of ten years ago, it showcases the steady development of Mbarara and Uganda as a whole. Uganda is the largest producer of bananas in East and Central Africa, and the new type of Agri-processing will be a cornerstone for development. Read more about the initiative.

The future is bright for Mbarara district with the construction of a new brewery in the horizon. The new brewery will be the largest in East Africa.  Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) UShs 190 billion ($ 80M) new brewery is set to create thousands of jobs to Ugandans in both direct and indirect employment. An estimated 26,000 jobs will be created. This will benefit the country as a whole, playing a major role in development.

Learn about Mbarara

The video showcases the culture and life of the people from Mbarara. It also has the statue of the symbolic long-horned cattle in Mbarara town.

Mbarara district is an example of Uganda and Africa progressing as a whole. “Milk and honey” has never tasted sweeter.

Slideshow of life in Mbarara

Created with flickr Marlon Katsigazi from Mbarara district, Founder & Editor of Discovering Africa Network

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