A new Year – a new Dawn – the same Mission

Happy 2012!

A little bit more than two weeks into the new year we have a lot to catch up with. There are a couple of articles in the pipeline, which will be published soon, one after the other.

However, the biggest news is that we recently discovered and started collaborating with a bunch of projects with similar and largely overlapping objectives as we have with AP:

 Africa Works

 Discovering Africa Network

 Who’s World

Foster from Ghana in Finland Marlon from Uganda in the USA Roxanne from Jamaica in China
 There is one Africa, one continent of several countries. But there are the stories about one Africa burdened with social, economic and technological difficulties. What we hear very little about is the other Africa, comprising 54 nations, that still works and still provide amazing opportunities for tourism, trade and investments, education and volunteering. The page is dedicated to all people who want to share their stories about the Africa that still works despite all the challenges. And also to those who just want to hear and learn about the other side of Africa – the Africa that, despite all the challenges, is still open for engagement.  Unveiling the hidden treasures/potential of Africa, and looking at Africa through a lens of optimism.  Who’s World explores the hidden treasures of Black history and culture around the world. Follow us as we take you to far away lands where blacks have been influencing culture, society, art, music and thought. Jamaicans in Costa Rica, hip hop in China, African elected officials in Russia… join us as we show you that the Black influence reaches far and wide!We’ll also be highlighting practical tips that will help you to travel/live/work abroad… see for yourself the significance of the African Diaspora.

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