Support request for the Who’s World Media Project

In October this year, I was accepted as a Ford Foundation Fellow through the UNITY journalists of Color organization. This program provides the opportunity for journalists of color to become entrepreneurs.

I was awarded the fellowship based on a project I created, The Who’s World Media Project, which highlights the hidden treasures of Black history and culture around the world. The project aims to encourage international travel to places of interest in the African Diaspora, as well as Africa. It also aims to digitally archive artwork and other resources related to the Diaspora for K-12 educators.

The Fellowship is now in the online stage of the competition, and here is where I need your help. All fellows are competing for a prize of $10,000 in funding from The Ford Foundation to begin their project. Voting ends January 3rd midnight. Would you take the time out to vote here for my project? NOT SO BIG SECRET: There are no restrictions on voting; you can vote as many times as you like until January 3rd.

This is pretty much the most important and meaningful I’ve done in my life, thus far. I hope you’ll take the time out to vote. Besides, with all your favorite organizations asking for donations this time of year, aren’t you happy that I’m also asking for a vote? 😛

Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested in this project, or to anyone I may have missed. Also, forgive me for being redundant if I already reached out to you on any social media platforms, lol.

I hope you all have a safe holiday!

– Roxanne


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