Khadarlis’ continued support in Sierra Leone – supply for the clinic, library, school, …

In a previous post, Aisha Khadar Desince – Director of Khadarlis for Sierra Leone – reported to you how she returned to the now war-torn village of her childhood Jimi, in the Southern province of Sierra Leone after 15 years in the US. She described how it felt meeting again beloved ones that remained in the ruins after the war had cooled off. And she also made clear her heartfelt mission to give back to her people to support them in rebuilding the villages …

You can read her post at: “Sierra Leone: Healing from the Curse of the Blood Diamonds“.

A few months have passed since our introduction to Khadarlis’ work and Aisha and her team have been tremendously busy with fundraising, collection of goods and gifts, and preparations of a trip to the villages that took place earlier this year.

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In the US, they have achieved and collected a lot to take back to Leone while also the villagers have been working hard and untiringly. So here we are proud to present some of this years’ outcomes and achievements:

  1. Khadarlis built 6 mud houses for 25 people in the Village of Bandajuma
  1. Two old existing wells were maintained and
  2. One water well was built anew
  1. The Jimmi Secondary School Library was refurbished with its first Library in 45 years – painted, shelved and stocked with 5.000 books with extra leftover to start a second Library in Senehun Secondary School.
  2. Also in Jimmi Secondary School, a computer center was started in partnership with World Vision to provide IT training for teachers who in turn will be instructing students at a later date.
  3.  Notebooks, pencils and some book bags were distributed to every student in four villages: Jimmi, Senehun, Kpawama and Bandajuma

  1. Every child got slippers, some got socks and shoes, everybody got clothing, the elderly got blankets for the cold season
  1. The Jimmi Clinic (serving ten surrounding villages) got gloves, medical supplies, bandages, sheets, towels, first aid kits, uniforms for the staff, gynecological examination tools, thermometers, hand sanitizer, blankets, toys for infants waiting areas.
  2. Educational classes were given on hand washing techniques, purifying water techniques, and disease control
  3. Additionally it was shown how to use condoms with lectures on the affects of sexually transmitted diseases.
  1. Khadarlis partnered with the Sierra Leone department of agriculture applying the ABC business agriculture programs to train farmers on techniques and ways to increase the yields of small-scale farming
  2. additionally agricultural tools were distributed together with seedlings and fertilizer to start a pilot program in oil palm, cashew, and vegetable growing.
  1. All households got a bag of assorted non-perishable food.
  2. In collaboration with the Jimmi Secondary School and the Agriculture Department, Khadarlis started a pilot program of vegetables to be used by the local Boarding School for a lunch program, which serves as a pilot study for the whole Country.
  1. Khadarlis has installed solar driven way lights to illuminate the Center of Jimmi village

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