Born this way – Homosexuality debated in Ghana and across Africa

Still today, gay people are facing persecution, various forms of discrimination and receive only little acceptance in societies, globally. Also, many African countries have laws criminalizing homosexuality. Some of us are simply “born this way”, while many if not most people are fantasizing about or maybe also experimenting with one or the other homosexual encounter. So what’s the big deal with homophobia? Why does homosexuality seem to scare so many people off? It often becomes a political debate – should our nation advance or restrict homosexual rights? What is the role of religious leaders in this debate? And why?

And most notably: What do you think? Feel free to comment or read through one or the other blog linked at the end of this entry below. Watch the vid and hear stories from people concerned.

Produced For REDD Kat Pictures
Camera: Abass Ismael
Edit: SelormJay

Each month, ACCRA [dot] ALT hosts The Talk Party Series, a monthly film and discussion series in Ghana where the dopest artists and creatives meet over good cinema, talk, food and music. 

Over the past few months, President Mills, preachers, and Parliamentarians have made vigorous speeches about homosexuality being ungodly and un-African. In contest to these public statements, September’s Talk Party explored life in Accra for young gay men. 

These men (from the Coalition Against Homophobia in Ghana) spoke proudly of their sexuality and answered questions from our curious crowd about the challenges of being gay in Ghana.

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2 thoughts on “Born this way – Homosexuality debated in Ghana and across Africa

  1. That Talk Parti was an astonishing event – history was made in Ghana whether one agrees with it or not.
    I would argue homosexual identity is a Western concept. As I argue on my blog, it seems the traditional African expression of those who have same-sex desire has focused less on identity politics and desire, and more on the cultural role played, based on their assumed uniqueness. The Talk Parti ‘gays’ all took on a Western (North American) understanding with the accompanying myths (gays are the most fashionable, the best dancers, have the best sex, etc). African expressions of sexuality are becoming forgotten. Are they still relevant?

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