From Ghana: Inspiring Successful Entrepreneurship

Driven by the desire to start his own company, Edward Amartey-Tagoe jumped at every entrepreneurship opportunity which came his way. He started his very first company, Always Complete whiles he was still an undergraduate at the University of Ghana. His venture supplied students with mobile phone credits. Edward’s love for entrepreneurship and technology led him to join the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), a not-for-profit institution which trains young Ghanaian graduates in software development, business and entrepreneurship. After two years of training, Edward and his team, Anne and Michael, set out to connect businesses with their consumer, thus Nandimobile was born.

As a founding member of this technology start-up, Edward prides himself with the company’s award won at the Launch conference in California in February 2011. Nandimobile’s Gripeline service was awarded the best business award by a grand jury at the conference after exhibiting their software with over 150 other companies from all over the world. Edward currently aims at growing Nandimobile into a multi-million dollar company not only in Ghana but in other parts of Africa as well.

Nandimobile offers solutions to meet your mobile marketing, and customer support needs. Gripeline aggregates and organizes all customer feedback sent via SMS into a prioritized actionable list and gives your business smart intuitive tools to efficiently and effectively connect with your customers. Infoline enables businesses to deploy customer information self-service, as well as run marketing campaigns and promotions.

But not only that, Edward is also an executive member of Blogging Ghana, Ghana’s main association of bloggers. He keeps his readers updated on technology happenings in Africa on a blog he prefers to call 19 Banana Street (named after his office address in Accra). Edward also blogs at where he mostly shares his personal opinions with the world.

As a believer in African youth development, Edward has led an innovative team of young organisers who put together various Barcamp events in Ghana, where participants were offered the opportunity to share and learn from one another. Edward tells his story whenever the opportunity allows it. Inspiring young African communities with the passion he has, he hopes his achievements will touch more young Africans to look beyond their obstacles and deliver excellence in whatever form they can. Edward spoke at the Google Ghana 2011 event, inspired technology enthusiasts at the Coders4Africa event in Accra, showed the world what awesome apps Africans can develop at the Launch Conference 2011 and shared ideas at Online 2011 event in Ghana.

Find Edward on facebook – twitter  – LinkedIn – Read his blog 

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