Emmanuel Jal coming to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique and … Australia

Emmanuel Jal is on tour – WE WANT PEACE!

During the upcoming days in September, you can see former child soldier and today peace ambassador Emmanuel Jal performing live in Harare, Zimbabwe – Johannesburg, SA – Maputo, Mozambique – before he will be in Australia in October.
Read the interview we took in July this year with Emmanuel Jal and Kenyan rapper and campaigner Juliani on their joint and ongoing Campaign against Tribalism. Read about the newest happenings in Kenya and how you can engage at BOUGI.
Here is again Emmanuel Jal’s message for peace, to be spread further:
Below you find the Zimbabwean media report on his visit to Harare tomorrow and with his show happening on Friday. 
For additional information you may also want to check the Harare performance announcement at ziviso.com.

Sudanese ‘War Child’ Emmanuel Jal Visits Harare

By James Kunofiwa, Harare – September 07, 2011

Southern Sudan national and now internationally renowned hip-hop artist Emmanuel Jal who rose to stardom after escaping from a vicious child soldier training in his country and fled to Kenya is expected to perform in the Book Café car park here this Friday.

The performance is presented by Pamberi Trust in cooperation with South African based organization African Synergy Trust and supported by British Council, Commonwealth Foundation, Prince Claus and Mass Mart.

The show is part of African Synergy Trust and Harare arts development organization Pamberi Trust’s objective of  facilitating intra-African cultural exchange and arts collaboration through a ‘tour circuit’ of arts venues, festivals and creative enterprises.  It links touring African artists with the ‘tour circuit’ and practically implements tours, offering artists access to new audiences, and offering audiences experience of diverse African arts.

Friday’s mega musical show will see Jal’s six piece band following a star line-up of  Zimbabwe’s best – feisty mbira star Chiwoniso Maraire, ‘Comrade Fatso’ and Chabvondoka, and ‘Outspoken’ and The Essence.

Emmanuel Jal, was robbed of his own childhood after he was recruited as a young child to fight in Ethiopia, until he ran away and ended up in Kenya where his music grew until he managed to set the hip-hop bar higher with a strong message of peace for the world.

“Music is powerful.  It is the only thing that can speak into your mind, your heart and your soul without your permission” Jal said.

Despite his accomplishments in music, Jal said his biggest passion is for Gua Africa, a charity organisation that he founded. As a way of promoting peace and campaigning for unity, he is currently building schools, providing scholarships for Sudanese war survivors in refugee camps, and sponsoring education for children in the most deprived slum areas in Nairobi.

A documentary film about Emmanuel Jal called ‘War Child’ which was made in 2008 by  Karim Chrobog had its international debut at the Berlin Film Festival and its North American debut at the Tribeca Film Festival where it won the Cadillac Audience Award, and an autobiography under the same name in 2009.

RadioVop Zimbabwe

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Watch Zimbabwean artists Comrade Fatso (Zimbabwe) & Chabvondoka ft. Outspoken: MaStreets (Official Video)

Please note: we have previously published an article about press freedom and new social media networks in Zimbabwe.

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