‘Speaking Eyes’ – with Italian support for a clinic project in the Ashanti Region, Ghana

Living for three months in an African village – from November 2010 to February 2011 – was one of the most inspiring, meaningful and profound experiences of my life. It was in Gyetiase, in the Ashanti Region in Ghana.

Here is a photo-video with some of the fantastic people I met in the villages. Each of them has a story, has a name and represents a memory for me.

I hope you can see a little bit of what I saw in their eyes…

I was there volunteering with “Ashanti Development” [new website under construction] – an English Charity based in London – to realize reports and videos about different topics, such as micro-credits and other activities run by Ashanti Development in such remote villages.

It was not my first time in Africa. I had traveled before in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Cape Verde… but in Gyetiase I lived through something special. Side by side with the local people, becoming friends day after day. They live in a very difficult situation: no running water, no electricity in the houses, high unemployment, poor roads condition. Some typical story for a quite typical African village (but believe me, I don’t like stereotypes).

Antonella with "little Nana" one of her friends in the village Gyetiase, Ghana

I came back to Italy rich of good feelings, more friends and also a dream. A dream that involves myself and others. During my time there, I visited other villages in the Ashanti Region. One of them, a remote and very small one, called Adutwam, is in my heart. I promised them my help to build a clinic. The decision has been made together with the chief, the elders and all the villagers.

If you would like to support me, in one or the other way, to raise money for the clinic in Adutwam, please do not hesitate to contact me at antonellasinopoli@gmail.com

Thank you very much

Antonella Sinopoli

Antonella Sinopoli is a professional journalist working for online websites, news and as a communicator in different contexts. After writing for national newspapers, working as a press officer and for a press agency with permanent contract for many years, she became a freelancer and started traveling to enrich her life of human and professional experiences. Antonella has a Masters Degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention and is a translator for Global Voices Online (from English and French to Italian).

Currently, Antonella is in the process of registering an Italian branch of Ashanti Development: Ashanti Development Italia.

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