African Fashion, a blog about it and DIYs

Claire is a dedicated fashion blogger and has contributed to the new and innovative Kenyan Kasha Magazine, recently. We wanted to learn more about her motivation and the inspiration to her blog:

Hey Claire, or should I call you Stylifiq, you have a very interesting blog, tell us a little bit about it.

Well, you can call me any of those names, they are both mineJ. My blog, Style by Stylifiq is basically a fashion blog that gives views from the regular Kenyan girl’s point of view. I talk about Kenyan fashion as well as international fashion. I blog about what goes on around me (fashion wise).

What drove you to start your blog?

My love for fashion and all things beautiful is what inspires my blog. The main push I got however was the need to document my DIY ideas and share them with like minded creative people out there.

You do have lots of creative DIYs (Do It Yourselfs) on your blog, what inspires you?

My inspiration comes from all over. All around me I see interesting jewelry or stuff and I think to myself, hey, I could make that, this is usually followed by a trip to the supplies store. If I have a DIY idea in my head for too long it could disappear so I like to do them as soon as they sneak up in my mind. I usually put my own twist to my DIYs though, I call it the S.t.Y.l factor.

Some of the DIYs I do are purely original, like when I made a ring from a jacaranda shell.

>> some DIY projects

There are many other Kenyan fashion blogs out there, what is special about yours?

For starters, my blog has been nicknamed the DIY blog because of the tutorials I post. I think my tutorial posts help a lot of people make their own unique accessories using simple things and therefore adding a personal twist to fashion. I also offer many tried and tested tips on beauty and fashion life. I did a post on tips for models attending casting calls
based on my experiences and I received emails about how helpful that was. There is also MULIKA.

Tell us a bit about Mulika

A picture with celebrity hair stylist Randolf Gray and Julia

Mulika is a Swahili word meaning “shed light on”. In this segment I feature personalities in the fashion industry. I have so far featured and hope to feature more of fashion designers, jewelry designers, fashion bloggers, makeup artists, models and modeling agencies.

Usually I am the interviewer but in this case I’m the interviewee 😉 a taste of my own medicine.

What do you hope to achieve from your blog

At the moment I’m just having fun documenting parts of my life and sharing them with my readers. I hope to get invited to events more often, I’m beginning to acquire a taste for the VIP section. I would also like to see my blog grow and maybe one day I will have a website

Thank you for your time and the interview, and good luck with everything it all looks great!

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