African Prints rediscovered in the 2nd Issue of KASHA Magazine

You have a passion for style and garments? Then get ready and explore the 2nd issue of KASHA Magazine! It comes with an innovative blog-like website, where you find daily entries to a range of categories:

The last button in this list <MAGAZINE> guides you to the free online magazine version of KASHA, where you can flip through pages, zoom in, have the sounds of flipping a page, view thumbnails for the better overview of the content, plus a search engine to find your favorite article first hand.

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At the release of the first issue, Nancie Mwai gave an interview to us, where she spoke about her motivation and reasoning behind creating this stunning showcase of African designers, fashion shows, models and up-to-date fashion lifestyle in Africa. Nancie is the editor and young creative mind behind the magazine. She also runs the online fashion notebook, where she adds her personal note to anything rotating around the catwalk.

Here is her personal invite to you from her notebook:

So the 2nd issue of Kasha Magazine is finally here. Our cover model this time is Debbie Trixxie Oyugi, a very fierce model and you will enjoy the photo shoot we did on African Prints featuring designer clothes from designers in Kenya. We interviewed designers making an impact in Africa….Also get to know what inspires Kimathi the head designer for Jamhuri Wear. There is so much more in this issue. Also this issue can be read from an ipad, iphone, android phones! Read it for free from HERE.
If you love fashion you will love this issue…like duh its a fashion magazine! 🙂 Enjoy!


The Fashion Notebook by Nancie Mwai

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