Kenya: KAMA SI SISI ‘usiwe mteja’ MUSIC SUMMIT – promoting the right to access information

Just a couple of days ago, we have featured Emmanuel Jal and Juliani in an interview on their joint efforts to overcome tribalism in Kenya and the whole of Africa, with regard to next year’s presidential elections in various African countries. We have already mentioned, that Juliani is very passionate not only about his music, but also to use it as a voice to promote transparency, justice and equal rights.
Juliana is currently on tour in Kenya with a message to tell: His message is about wise decision making. This goes out esp. to the young generation:

We discussed issues that concern them as citizens of Kenya specifically the Article 35 of The New Constitution, freedom of information and also opportunities available to them as musicians and producers.

Chapter 4, The Bill of Rights, Part 2 – Rights and fundamental Freedoms
Art. 35:
 (1) Every citizen has the right of access to
       (a) information held by the State; and
       (b) information held by another person and required for the exercise or protection of any right or fundamental freedom.
(2) Every person has the right to the correction or deletion of untrue or misleading information that affects the person.
(3) The State shall publish and publicise any important information affecting the nation.

We set up a makeshift studio, came up with the song, recorded, shot a music video, and all this in only one day: 

Our main partner in this campaign is the International Commission of Jurists – Kenyan Chapter (ICJ), Safaricom Kenya live-airtime incentives to the participants, and MCSK- Music copyright of Kenya.

We visited Nyeri county 23rd June at Westwood Hotel remaining four more counties last one being Nairobi 13th of August.

Check out the product of the KAMA SI SISI ‘usiwe mteja’ MUSIC SUMMIT, where we converged musicians and producers from Nakuru county. Here is the final music video of the song ‘The sun and the stars’ – Enjoy!


In the third video, Juliani goes back to his old neighborhood to talk to youth about the freedom of information, where they also mention the Constituencies Development Fund:


Juliani – official website

About the new Constitution of Kenya (2010) on Wikipedia

The Proposed Constitution of Kenya, published 6th May, 2010

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