It’s Time for Cameroon – Waka Waka

Did you know last year’s World Cup Hit Song performed by Shakira is originally a Cameroonian Amusement Song from a Military Band called Zangalewa?

Watch this:

Hearing this song during last year’s soccer jamboree in South Africa was thrilling and exciting to me since this was a popular song during my young boy phase. We used to enjoy this amazing song during school parties and various social events such as birthdays.

The shocking part of all is that this song was never popularly exposed as an African and Cameroon typical song! Well it is always said that no truth can hide under the sun… so today and slowly the world has the chance to know more and especially enjoy the original tune, vibes and rhythm of the African beats!

Gerald Bobga from Douala, Cameroon living in Berlin, Germany – Director of the Hope Foundation

And for your full enjoyment comes here the unedited 11:31 minutes long version of Zamina

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