Endangered Species: Kenyan Cinema

The following is a write-up of our African Perspectives Team member Barbie Wambui, author of the the delusionofgrandeur254 Blog. We hope she’ll contribute many more such great articles. Enjoy!

Why are so many cinemas biting the dust and calling it a day?

Just recently Silver bird cinemas have closed virtually all it’s movie theatres and back in October last year our beloved Kenya Cinema put up its closed for good sign. Kenyans, what are we doing to stop this from being an epidemic, and don’t look so surprised when I include you ; coz it’s our fault why our cinemas are failing. We’re selfish, yeah I said it; we find that going to the cinema is a bore because we can’t pause, can’t rewind, and we can watch it in the comfort of our own homes. But I ask you this, can you get the perfect surround sound that the cinema provides with your computer or homes? The answer is NO. So why waste precious computer space with movies your bound to delete once you’ve grown bored or have those ugly looking privacy covers cluttering all over your house?

I love going to the movies

… not just for the experience but for the love of the movie and because of that love I want to watch the movie with, great quality something that pirate copies do not service.

Be aware of criminals

And do you know that when you buy pirate copies you are taking part in criminal activity? Why do you want to fuel crime when you can stop crime? If these so called DVD parlours want to make money, let them do it legitimately and ask for the rights to sell the copies. That’s why I’m challenging you NOW to STOP BUYING THESE SAID COPIES AND GO WATCH IN CINEMA AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE KENYAN ECONOMIC.

Creating jobs

That’s also another reason you shouldn’t buy pirate copies: we complain the economy isn’t getting better and students complain that there are no jobs then we go and decide not to go to cinema. Which by the way injects money into the economy and gives working students and young people jobs, and in addition more business opportunities in the form of movie rental services. Now you see why I’m saying we are selfish, and that’s why I’m curbing my attitude to pirate movies and going to the cinema more often.

Which cinema did you visit last to watch a film?

And finally…

Do not miss the Film Release in Nairobi on 24 June
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