KENYA: The Legendary Maasai Indigenous Forest

An African Perspective from the Dupoto Maasai in the Nyakweri Forest. The Dupoto  invite you for a visit to their forest home in order to raise awareness towards effective protection of the ecosystem, which is also home to a variety of indigenous animals and plant species.

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Nyakweri Forest

The Nyakweri Forest is the largest remaining forest of Trans Mara covering approximately 500 sq km. This dense indigenous forest is of high ecological and socio-cultural importance to the traditional Maasai people and also an important feeding and breed ground for large mammals such as elephants. Forest is dominated by huge trees of East African Olive, Dispyros, Wild Olive, Kenya Greenheart and Manikara Butugi. Nyakweri forms part of the dispersal area of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. It forms a habitat for carious game spesies like Buffoloes, Elephants, Waterbucks, Impalas, Leopards,etc. More than 200 species of birds including Turacos, Trogons, Eagles, Wood-hoopoes, Hornbills,etc. can be spotted in the canopy of the forest.

Dupoto members are proud to offer you a forest walk passing through splendid indigenous forest where hundreds of colorful butterflies are dancing in sunny spots, the songs of birds fill the air and Dik-Dik may cross the track…a thrilling experience! Walkng in the forest is relaxing and offers you the opportunity to observe wildlife and plants quietly and closely.

Rich indigenous flora

Huge areas of forest have been depleted in the last decades. Dupoto Wildlife & Forest Association was formed in 1997 with the goal of conserving the natural resources and improving the living standards of the local population. The conservation and management of these remaining fragile ecosystems is one of the major challenges faced by communities where people are opting for nature conservation through community-based eco-tourism.

All forest tours you will be accompanied by local Maasai Nature Guides who will share their brilliant knowledge of wildlife, birds, traditional uses of plants and their Maasai culture with you. Several Maasai Scouts are going to join and protect you in case you might be scared of interesting wildlife and to ensure your security in the forest.

Forest trails

There are several trails leading to a primary forest where you find many sacred and medicinal trees of the Maasai people. Hidden in the forest you will find an Olpul, a traditional place where Maasai. Warriors slaughter a number of bulls fore meat and soup to prepare for their graduation ceremony.

Pass through a patch of sunny savannah with salt licks where you can enjoy the rich bird life. You will experience a walk along the Operai River, virtually unknown to outside world, where cool shady spots invite you for a relaxing picnic. Feel the quiet atmosphere and listen to the sounds of nature!

Access to Nyakweri forest

Access: 14 km from Masai Mara National Reserve’s Oloololo gate on C13. Turn right at signboard (1km before Olopikidongoe village) Follow small track for 8km, indicated by small white signs.

Best time to go: early morning/ late afternoon (especially for bird watching & forest walk)

For further information and bookings (camping), please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dupoto Wildlife & Forest Association

P.O.Box 50 Kilgoris, Kenya

Tel: +254-735-432354

Dupoto Brochure 2011 (PDF)

Dupoto Message about the Forest (PDF)

One thought on “KENYA: The Legendary Maasai Indigenous Forest

  1. Seriously this forest needs to be conserved,Politics is a major threat to this wonderful indeginous forest.

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