African Voices at the Permanent Forum

The 10. Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and for Indigenous Peoples was held from 16 to 27 May 2011 in New York at the UN Headquarters. Find below pictures and statements from the African Delegation:

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Short Introduction to the UNPFII

UNPFII logoThe Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) is one of three UN bodies that is mandated to deal specifically with indigenous peoples’ issues. The others are the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous Peoples.

The Permanent Forum is an advisory body to the Economic and Social Council with a mandate to discuss indigenous issues related to economic and social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights.

For more information visit:… UNPFII > About 

The 10. Session

The 10. session of the Permanent Forum

The Permanent Forum has a biannual working method: one policy year and one review year. 2011 will be a review year.

Indigenous Peoples in Africa

[For the time being see  IPACC’s Definition of IPs in Africa]

Statements from African Delegates

KENYA: Kanyinke Sena – Maasai/Ogiek

current Member of the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples, representing Africa.

[statement coming soon]

ETHIOPIA: Wondimu Utto Tanga – Gamo

We come from the Gamo Highlands, which is a more or less marginalized area in Ethiopia. We are very glad to be here to join the UN-PFII-10 and having chances to hear about similar or different challenges of what indigenous peoples are facing in other parts of the world.

Predominantly, we are facing unbelievable challenges from foreign driven religious institutions and those similar religious appointed politicians. We are losing our identity, norms, customs, traditional practices, our life long existingsacred lands, sacred forests, language, respected traditional clothing styles, traditional titles etc ..

TANZANIA: Edward Tunyon – Parakuyo Maasai

My tribe has been facing a massive oppression by the government and district authorities; they have taken away much of our livestock and sold them all. This is a serious violation of human rights. I attend the Permanent Forum with the expectation that I can articulate the case of my people to bring it to the attention of the international community, so that a solution can be developed to protect the collective rights of my people. We expect to receive compensation in the form of restocking our herds, or receive financial compensation so that we can restock the livestock ourselves to ensure continued sovereignty to our land and livelihood. Also we need to invest in education to train our youth, so that they can protect themselves from poverty and secure our traditional way of life.

Read the joint Statement of indigenous NGOs in Tanzania to the Permanent Forum

KENYA: Jennifer Koinante – Yaaku

Vice President IPACC

Read the Full Statement

UGANDA: Matuna Kyomuhendo – Bahima

This Forum is a platform for IC to express their concerns and where indigenous issues and ideas can be heard and eventually be solved.  I am very happy that this is an opportunity where we pastoralists in Central Uganda can articulate the violations we have suffered. This is the first time that I see so many people from all parts of the world gather to express their concerns.

TANZANIA: Paul Senyael – Meru

[statement coming soon]

KENYA: Richard Maburi – Kisii

We are looking on land as one of the biggest challenges. Land leads to education, growing crops, and the educating the children how to get food from the land. But since today it is getting scarce, we are investigating ways to develop in terms of health, education, social economic status – instead of many cattles, we are going to zero grazing i.e. cattle farmin. Micro financing offers opportunities for the unemployed youth, to provent them from crime. We have several fora were we talk about HIV/AIDS, which is a growing problem in our community. Furthermore we are making sure that women issues are being taken care of, that their voices are heard.

Coming to the Permanent Forum is not only to present my organisation, but also to share with indigenous peoples from around the world and to learn how they are dealing with these kind of issues and challenges in their own communities.

Maboris Indigenous Peoples Organisation, Kenya

MOROCCO: Latifa Douch

[statement coming soon]

CHAD: Hindou Oumoro Ibrahim – Mbororo

[statement coming soon]

[… to be continued]

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