Interview with Nancie Mwai – Fashion Stylist, Blogger and Editor of KASHA Magazine

Hey Nancie, I have been following your Blog – The Fashion Notebook – for a few months now and am repeatedly astonished about your creativity and obvious love for fashion. When have you started to develop this passion?

I always loved fashion since I was young. But my perception of fashion then was more of creating garments. I wanted to be a designer, however since that didn’t happen, I settled for the stylist position. For me, there is more to fashion other than creating clothes or dressing people. It’s also an art and its something that fulfils me and i do it with my whole being… Always trying to perfect my art!

And what made you start blogging about it?

I realized there was a gap in Kenya. There were no Fashion Blogs and I was a big reader of other {international} fashion blogs. When I realised that starting a blog is free Ijumped right on it… Now it’s a part of me. I love blogging. I love sharing what I do and what I’m wearing and the latest bargains.

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Image Courtesy of The Fashion Notebook

You have just launched the brand new online fashion magazine KASHA. Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind and how it grew?

I knew that one day I would be an editor of a fashion magazine, but I never thought I’d be an editor of my own online fashion magazine this soon. An online magazine was a good idea, because everyone could read it. Fashion is not only for a certain class of people, there is something for everyone. We are a team of three people and we work hand in hand to create this magazine. It involves a lot of work and paying attention to detail. It’s not an easy job, but we want to push the Kenyan fashion industry forward, because it has a lot of potential.

How is KASHA Magazine different to other fashion magazines already out there?

First, it is the first online fashion magazine in Kenya, also it’s free and it’s the first fully fashion magazine; We focus on fashion and lifestyle.

Who are you collaborating with for KASHA?

I’m collaborating with Leon Muli, a well known and talented photographer and Wambui Mukenyi, who is a fashion designer, and a numerous list of professionals.

What is special about his work?

I’ve known him for almost two years now and I have seen him grow. He is very talented and I love working with him, because we get along and we get to share ideas regarding the photo shoots and the perfect model for a certain shoot, locations, editing, what we can do better and the likes.

What were the challenges along the way and how did you overcome these until the successful launch of KASHA?

Well, if I said everything went smoothly I would be lying. This is my first time to manage a magazine and it was hectic, being able to bring together all the articles for the first issue was not easy. Also sourcing for clothes from designers has not been easy. We are trying to promote our local designers, but some don’t want to cooperate. I’ve been going with my gut basically showing my passion for fashion, with the love of something you can overcome anything!

What are your future plans with the Magazine?

We are hoping to be the number one fashion magazine both in Kenya and Africa! Our magazine is all about the African fashion and art. We hope to transform the Kenyan fashion industry, so that we can be on the level of the other fashion industries in Africa, e.g. South Africa and also on the international level.

Anything else you would like to add?

I love African Perspectives; It’s about time to get the word out there:


The Fashion Notebook - Blog


Nancie’s YouTube Channel

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Nancie’s Fashion Blogspot . on facebook . twitter @nanciellah .

Leon Muli Website . Leon’s Blog . on facebook . twitter @LeonMuli .

Kasha Magazine online . the reader . on facebook . twitter @Kashamag .

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